The Books

Some Like ’em Thick

Salvatrice Fontain is still reeling from the impersonal dissolution of her marriage, which was due partially to the weight she gained after saying “I do.” Now, she’s convinced that its only a matter of time before everyone she gets involved with will either get bored with her or find someone better. Even though she desperately wants a family of her own, she has adopted a ‘leave before you get left’ policy to spare herself more heartache…

Oasis Montgomery is tough as nails…or so she would have everyone believe. She’s confident on the outside, but no one knows about her fears about relationships, her plans for plastic surgery, or her constant internal battle about already having what she didn’t even think she was looking for…

Irie Simpson feels like she’s doomed for a life alone. Wanting to be a single-digit size but too embarrassed to admit it, she focuses on her friends and maintaining a relationship with the daughter that she gave up for adoption. Her only romantic prospect is a very persistent online suitor who she has no interest in meeting. She ponders somewhat drastic alternatives to being alone until she happens to be in the right place at the right time…

These women soon realize that their dress size is the least of their problems.

 It’s All Right…Now


Ivy Dobbs-Thorne and Monica Collins are childhood friends who have seen each other through everything, and now that they’re all grown up and each married to their high school sweethearts, they must lean on each other when they each start to suspect that their husbands are starting to stray…

Ivy has the kind of like plenty of women would kill for; a beautiful home, a nice car, and a husband who makes good money and insists that she not work. Seemingly she doesn’t have to worry about anything…until she can no longer deny or justify the suspicious actions of her husband. When the night comes where she can no longer deny it, the dam on her restraint is broken and she stops trying to be the happy housewife and lets loose the woman that’s been itching to get out for years…

Monica has known for quite some time that her husband was doing dirt but chose to just let him continue to dig his own grave, believing that it would all come to light eventually. She loves him enough to stick with him, longing for the longevity that her parents had in their marriage. Although when enough gets to be enough, she decides that if he can do as he pleases, so can she…

Can either marriage last after the trust is gone?

 Not By a Long Shot


Natasha thought her boyfriend Davion was the one, until he dumped her via text message after three years and a partially-planned wedding. Now, she’s met almost-too-good-to-be-true Sharif and is getting ready to be his wife, and finally feels she’s ready to get on with her life.

That is, until, she has an unexpected encounter with Davion at her wedding that throws her carefully-pieced-back-together world back into a shambles, and she realizes she’s not as over him as she thought she was. Before she knows it, she’s caught up in a whirlwind of infidelity and mixed emotions, and every time she tries to put distance between herself and Davion, she gets sucked back in harder than before. Pretty soon, she’s not even sure if she wants to get out, feeling she has the best of both worlds…

But when Sharif starts getting suspicious and Davion begins to grow tired of being her side piece, she has to come to a decision that she doesn’t think she has the strength to make. Continuing to toggle between sincere guilt and defiant justification of her actions, she all too quickly reaches a point where she must choose something, or lose everything…

Get Right


Angelo Winans is a handsome, smooth-talking man who knows how to play the role, and the role he plays is that of the pastor, complete with a fake wife and an assistant who spends as much time covering for him as he does anything else. To Angelo, being the pastor of a large church is nothing more than a job, not a calling. When he’s out of the pulpit, he acts like anything but a man of God.

But when things start falling apart around him and the people most important to him start separating themselves from him and his ways, he has to start taking stock of himself. While dealing with the pain of his father’s death, the estrangement from his brother, and losing the love of his life, he meets Thurgood West, an older preacher who lets him know just what being a pastor, and a man, is all about.

 Decisions and Consequences


In this sequel to Not By a Long Shot, Natasha Williams is still learning that her actions have consequences.

After learning the true paternity of her baby, Natasha begins yet another roller coaster ride of letting her ex-boyfriend Davion have a little too much space in her life, all the while professing her love and devotion to her husband, Sharif.

Meanwhile, Sharif is still trying to deal with the pain of his wife’s affair, and holding his tongue about Davion is still being in their lives. He tries to take solace in the fact that at least no one outside of himself, Natasha, and Davion know about their drama.

But when that little bit of comfort is shattered and news of Natasha’s affair spreads throughout the family, she learns who is really in her corner and who isn’t. Sharif feels like old wounds have just been re-opened, as well as gaining some new ones. As the issues pile on, Sharif begins to wonder if it’s even worth it to stay.

Can Natasha finally get go of Davion and focus on her husband? Or will her inability to leave the past in the past leave her with nothing?

Take One For the Team


Van Roseland is a single mother who doesn’t know what it feels like to relax, thanks to a set of twins and mountain of debt given to her by her deceased fiancé. Her boyfriend Joe is a hardworking, loving man who is perfect in just about every way…except financially. Thanks to his spiteful ex, he’s unable to contribute as much as either he or Van would like him to. And Van starts wondering more and more if love is enough.

Grant McCallister has always been more successful in business than he’s been in his personal life. He’s preferred to just remain alone rather than deal with women who only want him for his millions. But after a chance meeting with Van, he begins to think he’s finally found what he’s been waiting for and resorts to somewhat shady tactics to get close to her, believing she’s worth it.

Before too long, Van is on a roller coaster of emotions as her feelings and attraction for Grant deepen that has her questioning everything, especially her own personal morals. Some of her closest relationships are tested and after a while, Van has no idea what she’s doing. She loves her some Joe, but she can’t help wanting a better life for her children…

She is Me

(To be re-released…stay tuned for this one)



All Sylvia wanted to do was raise her daughter Candy the way she wishes she was raised; less rules, more freedom. She didn’t expect for Candy to have no interest in being her best friend. And as she and Candy continue to clash, and her straight-laced son Valencio takes her advice and starts to get into more mischief, it doesn’t take long before Sylvia’s lenient parenting style comes back to bite her.